Sunday morning 10am Will this work


This is my very first blog on word press and a testing phase as I don’t know if this will work. I am trying my hardest to promote my book A Fine Line A Balance to Survive by Lisa WB and in time I also want to promote the work of fellow authors.


In the mean time please bear with me as I build this blog as day by day I will learn how to make the most of it and then will be able to introduce new features etc.


All the best as I need a cuppa!




About lisawb

I am a loving housewife and mother who has a swiss husband and two children. I love animals and therefore have plenty of different ones including 10 cats and 2 dogs. I have achieved a First class (Honours) psychology degree and have have written a book that has turned out to be a best seller. I have a facebook page for my book that also covers many other issues that is growing rapidly. I am also trying hard to work on a sequel to A Fine Line A Balance to Survive by Lisa WB.
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10 Responses to Sunday morning 10am Will this work

  1. jake barton says:

    Well, it worked. Enjoy your cuppa! I’ll be back to read more, will look at your book too, so the blog is already doing its job.

  2. theaatkinson says:

    I’m an animal lover too. My black lab greeting me can take away any work cares.

    • lisawb says:

      I have just come in from seeing to our animals, so lunch then off to Nottingham to watch my son play basketball then catchup and if I have time writing!
      Will try to start looking at other sites asap:)

  3. Yvonne says:

    Hi Lisa,

    It works fine so far.

    I checked out the book synopsis on Amazon and it doesn’t make for comfortable reading, very intense and emotional and I applaud your courage in being to set things down on paper, in a way that I could not imagine being able to do.

    Anything which raise awareness in the failings of our public services and highlights the terrible problems which we still have as a modern day society, can only be for the good and I wish you every success with the book.

  4. L.C. Evans says:

    Stopping by for Sample Sunday.

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