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by A Fine Line by Lisa W B on Monday, 01 August 2011 at 18:29
Right I am going to stick my neck out yet again!!!!!! I have just received a neg 2 * review on Amazon and it still shocks me as I have several hundred positive and I didn’t understand this one at all. I have been told I should ignore it but that isn’t me and I posted this answer. Patrick will probably tell me off but in order to move forward I always feel I have to give my view and I do accept I will not always get it right,(but hope to some of the time:)) My answer as on Amazon UK.
‘This was never intended to be wrapped up in 3 pages and is not. The reviewer confirms this by stating there are a lot of unexplained situations, if there is a lot of unexplained situations it can not be wrapped up. This book was never intended to give ALL the answers but just honest insight to the events that had happened. Many medical professionals have stated that it gives valuable insight and the book has remained at No 1 in child abuse since 2010 with the occasional day where another book has taken the ranking. Child abuse is complex and each situation unique to the individual. The book is not closed, as a sequel is on it’s way due to the many requests sent to the author. The author is still receiving medical treatment and still suffers from PTSD. Life would be so easy if anyone could have a cup of tea and get better, this is not the case and was never the case.The author still on course for a 1.1 honours psychology degree finishing in 2011 with aims to give further insight. Many medical professionals including solicitors from child abuse cases, social workers, mental health teams and medics have praised the book. Many people have written messages of thanks as they now understand how grooming takes place and how vulnerable people can be caught into a trap. Paedophiles are clever and skilled at grooming. There are a few hundred positive reviews on Authonomy for this book and some of these can be seen on the authors own website together with thanks and news reviews. Antony Sheehan Chief Executive of the Leics and Rutland NHS Partnership Trust has endorsed and praised the book. It has been endorsed and has information about it in some of the hospitals. Child abuse has life long effects and although the author has managed to lead as normal life as possible, and is fortunate to still be alive, there is still a way to go. There was research done on this book and several reviewers were asked if they thought the author had recovered, many stated they thought the author had improved but was still recovering. The book received praise from The British Psychology Society and also has an endorsement from Professor Fred Toates a leading professor in biological psychology. The book was written as a memoir and the author has been amazed at the thousands of messages of thanks received from the public. One mother was so appreciative after reading the book that she rang for another copy to be given to her daughter as she did not want to part with her book, stating she could understand her daughters explanations so much better. The author has also received many letters from the public that she finds to be really sad as there are many people who did not survive from child abuse, and it is still going on, and acknowledgements from the public that they wish they had read the book before. There are also messages from friends,relatives and family of people who did not survive stating they wished more people would come forward to write about their accounts so that more people can understand.The author is passionate about helping others and has taken a psychology degree to attempt to learn more about the psychological issues from an academic side as well as from experience. The book was never intended to be an academic book just an honest account of child abuse, since writing the book, and having been amazed at the response this has motivated the author to attempt to learn more. Although there are many hundreds of positive reviews, where appropriate some negative reviews can be constructive for the next book.
Although this book may appear disappointing to some people, and not everybody will understand it, the book has been of significant help to others. Antony Sheehan the Leics and Rutland Chief executive of the NHS Leicester and Rutland partnership Trust stated he wished all members of his staff could read it. The Lamp organisation for mental health in Leicestershire and Rutland described the book as one of their highlights for the year in 2009 and it is on the shelf of The People’s Forum Library. The book was also nominated for the Mind book of the year by The Retreat in Yorkshire in 2010. It can be found on the shelves in their Library as well.
The author wishes to thank any reviewer and is obviously disappointed when a negative review happens. At the same time no book anywhere will please everyone, and the author would like to thank all the people and professionals who have taken time out to read the book, and welcomes critical feedback, as when and where appropriate it will be used constructively for the next time. Some of the messages received about relatives,family or friends not surviving child abuse are not only heart breaking but also very traumatic, the author herself still has to fight intense battles for her own health and views herself fortunate to have family around her and an excellent consultant.
If any review negative or positive paths the way for improved insight then it can only be encouraged. Although there has been massive criticism for ebooks, if they help true accounts of any trauma be told so that even a little insight can be beneficial then the author welcomes them. Books can be written for all sorts of reasons and it is up to the reader’s perspective how these can be benefited from.’


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I am a loving housewife and mother who has a swiss husband and two children. I love animals and therefore have plenty of different ones including 10 cats and 2 dogs. I have achieved a First class (Honours) psychology degree and have have written a book that has turned out to be a best seller. I have a facebook page for my book that also covers many other issues that is growing rapidly. I am also trying hard to work on a sequel to A Fine Line A Balance to Survive by Lisa WB.
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