Getting the balance right!

I was thinking as I was reading some of the comments on the site, and it was really a good feeling to receive ‘likes’ on the simple things, such as the kids going back to school etc. It also made me think about what life is about and how balancing out the good and the bad is important. When I was ill, I used to describe everything as ‘the black’ and since then have found out how common this phrase is used especially in people who have been subject to child abuse, and it is also a common expression used when people are depressed. I used to see everything as dark, and it is only in recent times that I have managed to see the light. I was thinking as I was looking at the site, and some of it made me laugh, and again it was the simplest of comments that made all the difference.
People who go along life merrily and who never have to fight to maintain this stability are very fortunate and probably do not realise it as they have not had to think any other way. For those of us that have come through a specific illness, trauma or other bad experience and have been there down under, feeling the weight and depression possibly at times, it is sometimes a fight to get back up on top again. When I was down there, I didn’t feel that I was worthy to fight to get back up to life. I think it was a hard fight back up and I think it was a hard fight to maintain it for a while. But when I think about it now, it isn’t a great big step from the dark to the light, it was a gradual process. Also when I look at things and break it down, it is the little things that can give us enjoyment. This is from a completely personal point of view so many might disagree, but I don’t need a lot to make me feel happy. Just waking up in the morning and seeing the sun shine brightly can make me feel good, my children having a good day at school can make me smile, watching someone make a mistake (not serious) can also make me laugh. Chocolate can do wonders, although now one piece is a treat whereas before it would have been a bar:). These are just a few little things that before I might have been blind to, or not been receptive to. It isn’t about having all of these things at once, or not having a bad day. What I am working out is the balance, if we have a bad day, don’t let it get to us, accept that we are having a bad time and deal with it and move on. Don’t let it dwell and block out all these little things that can make us feel better. Don’t have massive expectations that everything is rosy because it would be a mistake to go around in rose coloured glasses, but do appreciate the good things when they are staring you in your face. Get the balance right!.


About lisawb

I am a loving housewife and mother who has a swiss husband and two children. I love animals and therefore have plenty of different ones including 10 cats and 2 dogs. I have achieved a First class (Honours) psychology degree and have have written a book that has turned out to be a best seller. I have a facebook page for my book that also covers many other issues that is growing rapidly. I am also trying hard to work on a sequel to A Fine Line A Balance to Survive by Lisa WB.
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One Response to Getting the balance right!

  1. Dick Clayton says:

    As a retired banker, my preferred and most least troublesome clients were those that were always in “the black”.It just goes to show how a simple phrase may have many different interpretations, depending on one’s own viewpoint. Getting the ” balance right” on emotional feelings, is indeed, very complex. I often think the myriad of human emotions, which we all experience, may be likened to the swing of “Life’s Pendulum”. On the two outer extremities of the swing are on the one side : Love,Contentment and Hope, and simlilarly on the other side are : Hatred, Antagonism, and Despair. At it’s lowest perpendicular point are Empathy, Acceptance, and Tolerance. We all, each and every one of us, have been on the full swing of this pendulum, irrespective of whether we appear to be outgoing, happy-go-lucky or not. It is a fact of life. How we,as individuals,decide where the pendulum stops, is entirely up to us, and is governed,in the main, by our own lifetime experiences. When the pendulum goes out of control, and in our own minds, travels in 360 degrees, then only our own courage and judgement can restore it’s natural equilibrium. In the words of the popular song “Everybody Hurts………………..Sometimes”. How much,and how long we allow that hurt, is entirely up to us.

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