Don’t hide child abuse!

This is a simple message that needs to be taken on board by many different people. Even in this present day and climate people do not know how to deal with child abuse. This is not just about the person who has gone through the abuse, this is also about the people who know about it and turn away. People are still sensitive to any sort of mental health problem and the stigma causes a massive deficiency in the care and support that could potentially be given out. Some professionals do give the correct support and management, but even today many misunderstand the consequences and do not realise the depth of the damage child abuse can do. The sad thing about child abuse is that the person who has not only been abused for years, has not only to deal with their own problems which can be low self esteem, lack of confidence, being vulnerable and losing trust in most people, but they also have to deal with other people’s problems in not being able to manage it or give support. They also have to in many cases be subject to the wrong support as because people do not want to give them the time or day for many reasons such as the stigma of mental health, or because it is so hushed up people do not know how to deal with it, the person who has suffered can end up in psychiatric care and be dosed up on medication when in certain cases, and I am not saying this fits everyone, but in certain cases all they needed was for someone to share what they had gone through, been given plenty of time, empathy and understanding and the correct support so that they could eventually heal and get better. This is frustrating as some people do not receive professional help and have had to fight it on their own. If child abuse wasn’t so hushed up then people may be more aware of the problems, gain better insight and be able to give out the support needed. In my own case I know my Mum loves me to pieces and my sister does but even they turned away. This was not because they didn’t care, it was because they didn’t know how to care, and in some cases it is easier to deny it is happening then to deal with the pain and the consequences of the situation. I know in my Mum’s case and sisters they were both embarrassed and more worried about what people would think then to get involved. I don’t blame them as this is a cultural situation and one that needs changing. The only way it is going to change is if people are brave enough and have the strength to come forward and to tell their own accounts of what happened to them if they suffered from child abuse or indeed any other trauma. As well as this, there needs to be more people out there who care enough to do something about it and to change the situation. I really give credit to those that have come forward and admitted that child abuse has happened to them in the past, as they are already trying to fight it. I give massive credit to the people who read these sort of books to learn from the insight and who want to learn more. Child abuse needs to be talked about, written about and not hidden away and only then will the acceptance and support be more available.


About lisawb

I am a loving housewife and mother who has a swiss husband and two children. I love animals and therefore have plenty of different ones including 10 cats and 2 dogs. I have achieved a First class (Honours) psychology degree and have have written a book that has turned out to be a best seller. I have a facebook page for my book that also covers many other issues that is growing rapidly. I am also trying hard to work on a sequel to A Fine Line A Balance to Survive by Lisa WB.
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