Mental Health- Don’t let yourself be labelled!

Mental health issues are so controversial, and in my opinion still so out of date. People who have experienced mental health problems are still labelled in such old fashioned ways, that it is nearly only through experience that understanding the frustration, the humility and the ignorance of others gives mental health sufferers a clearer picture of how ignorant and misguided some people can be.
It is only through improved communication and insight that these problems can be addressed. Even now in 2012 most people do not want to know about mental health as they feel uncomfortable about the issues involved and it is only when they themselves, or someone they know becomes ill through mental health that some may take a slight interest, Even then many can be misguided, mistreated and mismanaged through complete lack of understanding.
Frustration is major and instead of many sufferers improving, many can go downhill as not only do they have to battle with their illness, they also have to battle for the correct care, and also battle for self respect and respect from others.
I started a facebook page to promote my book A Fine Line A Balance to Survive as it had been recognised for the significant insight to child abuse, trauma and mental health problems and it also highlighted the ambiguous psychiatric care given. This page opened my eyes as so many people started to come forward with their own accounts of mental health problems and suffering from their own pasts. It saddened me as many had managed to conquer their own battles through their own inner strength rather then understanding from the general public. Although there is some brilliant care and management in some places, it is still lacking in many other places.
Another issue that hit me quite hard is how these people go on quietly in their own way and continue to lead successful lives, still having to battle the odd fight now and again for themselves as recovery from mental health can be an ongoing event. Whilst with other illnesses people can have support from many sources, and empathy and a helping hand, many mental health sufferers still draw on their inner strength to battle through and actually battle against unfair labelling and discrimination.
I have to be honest and whilst part of me can understand why many people don’t want to know about mental health issues, as it is not in most peoples comfort zone, I still don’t understand why in this modern day of time, that some people who train to become involved in various professions to do with mental health still lack compassion and understanding of mental health issues.
Mental health needs to be seen in a more positive light and this will only come about through improved communication and understanding. It will also only be improved when people can balance it more fairly and see more positive sides of the problems instead of the negative stigma still held.
My site has grown, and unintentionally but through the availability of photographs, other sites, and positive messages and signs, I started to post other messages up. I realised that although significant issues still need to be addressed, and awareness about mental health still needs to be promoted, that people still need to live and enjoy themselves and basically get on with life. I also realised especially over the last month, when I was let down by someone close to me and it was unexpected, that some of the messages and positivity that I had been posting on my site helped me to get through it. I also believe they have helped me to become a better person, as through the simplicity of some of these messages, I have been able to take a step back and think things through. Messages such as not judging people unless you have been in their steps, and believing in yourself are simple strong and significant.
For all those that have suffered from mental health problems and still have the odd battle, I say “Don’t let yourself be labelled, and believe in yourself.”

A Happy and Healthy 2012!


About lisawb

I am a loving housewife and mother who has a swiss husband and two children. I love animals and therefore have plenty of different ones including 10 cats and 2 dogs. I have achieved a First class (Honours) psychology degree and have have written a book that has turned out to be a best seller. I have a facebook page for my book that also covers many other issues that is growing rapidly. I am also trying hard to work on a sequel to A Fine Line A Balance to Survive by Lisa WB.
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2 Responses to Mental Health- Don’t let yourself be labelled!

  1. Katie Saint says:

    I agree with what you are saying about the community in general not providing mental health support. I am a professional counselor and I see such a huge difference in progress with clients that have a strong support system vs clients that don’t. Like you I am also impressed with the clients that go on to lead successful lives without the support of others. The strength of some people is very inspiring!

  2. lisawb says:

    Thank you for your comment, it is heartening and gives hope when a professional counselor such as yourself, takes an interest in blogs such as this one and the issues raised.

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