About A Fine Line A Balance to Survive and Child Abuse.

It has taken many years to write ‘A Fine Line A Balance to Survive by Lisa WB.’  The book was not planned and I had no idea of the response. I therefore have been amazed that it reached No 1 in Child Abuse on the Amazon Uk site and remained there for around a year, and that the ebook is still a best seller.Through this response I have received many messages and the significance these messages bring is that Mental Health issues are still misunderstood, are way down the priority list compared to other illnesses and that the old fashioned stigma still exists.

It isn’t surprising when people choose to ignore mental health problems other people have and go into denial or completely mismanage the problem. The result is that people who have mental health problems have a massive self esteem problem and through lack of support take years longer then necessary to come through their illness. The most significant message I receive is that people who have gone through any sort of mental illness have lost self esteem and confidence. This really makes me sad as most of these people should have a high self esteem as they have managed to pull themselves through all sorts of issues with lack of support and misunderstandings, and in some cases have had to battle friends and family for recognition and acceptance of their condition.

It also is frustrating as these people end up with a label on their back and in a lot of cases the very sick people who have caused the problem end up not being labelled at all. If the people in the appropriate places strengthened their backbones and started to support mental health issues more, then a more positive attitude and greater support would make a massive difference.

Another message that came across to me through writing the book was that many people who have suffered similar experiences felt they were on their own, again this is not surprising with the lack of support out there. Anyone would feel on their own when others choose to deny or hide their heads in the ground.

The book received many positive reviews and it also received some negative ones. I was alarmed to find out that even people with mental health problems were also so ignorant in some cases when it came down to the consequences of child abuse. People did not understand the suppression and how powerful grooming is. Again this is not surprising when the media go into a huddle and hide from the issues mental health problems contain.

I am glad that many more books are being published about true accounts and that the ‘e-book’ has opened many doors to significant insight. The dangers are that the genuine stories may become over flooded with less genuine accounts, but I still believe insight can be a fantastic strength and help understandings.

The response to the book also showed me how widespread child abuse is and again this is not surprising if people go into denial that it is happening. The nature of the suppression also does not help as because it can be years later when the truth comes out and many of the abusers escape conviction. This is also not beneficial to the survivor as it decreases the significance of the abuse and helps the world of denial to continue.

My book is a true account of extreme child abuse and also demonstrates how the wrong people in a caring surrounding with vulnerable people can use their powers in such wrong ways.

I hope that books like mine help bring mental health issues to the surface where more people can understand and start to give more support where it is needed. I feel fortunate that some of the appropriate leading medical bodies have recognised and praised the significance of the book including The British Psychology Society. I hope the message through the book also shows that people can have the strength to pull through from trauma and mental illness.



1 Response to About A Fine Line A Balance to Survive and Child Abuse.

  1. I am delighted to hear it became a best seller. Well done and so proud of you. Mental health is something so few understand or even care to try to understand and I find that so very sad. Lorraine xxx

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