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My ebook has been out since 2010 and has opened the doors for  ‘A Fine Line’to be read by many more people. In the last week the book paperback and ebook received the worst reviews it has ever experienced. Two not so good on Amazon and 3 bad reviews on the Open University platform. I expected the academic world to be more critical but I did not expect the coldness that also came with the reviews. They probably hit home a bit more as the book has received brilliant reviews in the past, and these reviews were a bit of a shock and new to me. I agreed with some critical aspects, but what dawned on me the most, is how closed minded some people are. They come across as tunnel visioned and criticise without looking at the bigger picture. This I would normally accept, but when I have received so many letters of thanks, and one mother discussed on the telephone how much the book had helped her to understand her daughters problems, and she ordered another book for her daughter as she did not want to part with hers, it annoys me when people say they would not recommend the book to anyone when there is evidence it has helped so many people. I find this ignorant because just because they didn’t like it, I don’t feel they should shut the door to others.

Yet stating all these facts I have to admit that the paperback book could be a higher standard in written english, yet my book was not written for this purpose. The book was written first for a deep desire to be fulfilled, and then fate took part as different contacts came forward and it did become self published. I was amazed and still feel very humbled that the book has been recognised for the insight it gives to child abuse and the consequences afterwards. When the messages of thanks came tumbling in and the positive reviews started to add up especially on the Authonomy site I did feel proud and still do.

I feel fortunate that the book has been No 1 in child abuse and remains there on Amazon UK since 2010 and No 1 in other categories. It has been exciting and has helped me change the negatives of an abusive past into positives for the future. At the same time I remain grounded, and thank my lucky stars that I have a loving family and am still able to work on my psychology degree.

My psychology degree was taken through the Open University and I can only praise this University as the support and help has been wonderful.

I am going to praise facebook as my facebook page for A Fine Line has brought in fantastic support, and I would like to thank the people who have visited and ‘Liked” my page. I would also like to thank the kindle writing group that I belong to as there is massive support for new authors in this group.

My book is a true account of over twenty years of continual sexual abuse which included horrific scenes. The police and medics have stated it is a miracle I survived. The psychiatric care involved afterwards was as traumatic to me as the abuse. I had never been in a psychiatric unit before and it was quite frightening. I consequently repeatedly escaped which involved police chases and I also ended up in a high secure unit.

The message that I learnt from being in hospital was that the people in there, came from all sorts of backgrounds and different class, different cultures were all brought together under one roof. The staff were as different as the patients and their care unfortunately also came under this category as although some staff were dedicated and caring, other staff were on a power trip, and I would not trust them with an animal let alone a human being.

I am now very fortunate to be able to write that I achieved a (1.1)  First Class (Honours ) Psychology degree, I think the Open University was very helpful.

I continue to live and learn and hope that I can still help other people in the future:)


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  1. I understand the ‘closed mind’ attitude of many and the coldness and often spite aimed towards things that others either don’t understand or just refuse to accept. As a fellow writer and one of your supporters, I know how hurtful a bad review could feel too, so I am sorry you had to have that, but you know what – I had one too and they say it makes us real authors once we get bad reviews as well.
    Ignore those who are abusive, I have discovered it is their insecurities coming into play and especially when it is a subject matter that is difficult to get one’s head around. You and I both know that.
    All kudos to you and look how many people you have helped already. Keep up the good work and focus on the positive – we can’t help everyone, much as we’d like to xxx

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